Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Moving!

Just found out that my quota for my photos on this blog has reached it's limit. So the option they gave me was to pay for additional memory space. Normally I wouldn't mind paying, but their price plan was per annum!

20 GB - $5/yr
80 GB - $20/yr
200 GB - $50/yr
400 GB - $100/yr
1 TB - $256/yr
2 TB - $512/yr
4 TB - $1024/yr
8 TB - $2048/yr
16 TB - $4096/yr

Doesn't it makes more sense that I make a one-time payment for a specific amount of storage space? Why do they have to charge me every year? It doesn't make sense, so my solution was... GET A NEW BLOG!

So this is my new blog, CoCo Thinking Out Loud II.

It'a a little plain now, but I have to build it up slowly. So meanwhile, keep reading! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Children's Day Party 2011 Part 1

Jolie's class was having a mini celebration today, and the kids are asked to wear their own clothes to school, so I dressed Jolie up into a pink fluffy princess. I think she loved it!

Since it's a party, I made some carrot cupcakes topped with my favourite swiss meringue chocolate buttercream frosting! Isn't it pretty!?

Almost all other parents brought snacks and sweets to the party. There was so much snacks, it was enough to feed the kids for a few days! All the kids looked so pretty! Since it was a special occasion, the teacher allowed us to stay for awhile to take some photos. The kids have so much fun dancing!

After taking a few photos, I headed home. It's so fun being a toddler, so carefree!