Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poh Ling's Birthday

Jinah informed us that it was Poh Ling's birthday, so we "abandoned" our husband and children and met up for a girls night out. Sounds so happening, but it's just dinner with old friends.

We were supposed to meet at Clark Quay MRT station, but I couldn't even find the bloody MRT station cause I took a cab there. Has it been so long that I couldn't even find my way around that area? Die liao lah, became a auntie frog in the bloody well already!

Anyway, we finally found each other, but we stupidly waited in 2 separate groups for at least 20mins because each group was waiting for each other at different ends of the station. Duh...

We decided to dine at a Korean restaurant named Seoul Yummy at The Central shopping centre. And we were chatting like a flock of birds non-stop, we had to get everybody to shut up for a few minutes to order the food! The reason for all the excitement?? Our dear Jinah is pregnant! Everybody was talking at the same time, giving advise, sharing experiences, or just plain catching up. I think the customers in the restaurant must be quite pissed with our noise, thankfully we were seated away from everybody. :)

Before we ate, Brenda gave us each a packet of candy! So pretty! The jar belonged to Poh Ling, with a customised message on it! So "SWEET" right...

Since we were all Mamas now (with exception for Poh Ling), we just have to 已茶代酒. Cheers!

I must say, the food surprised me! I ordered the Kimchi soup set and it was delicious! The hot and spicy soup was excellent with the rice. Could have had another bowl, but I think shouldn't eat too much bah... :) Next time bring Cobby here.

Even after we have eaten, we continued chatting non-stop. I think it's a rare opportunity for us to share our parenting experiences, whether good or bad, it just feels so good to finally pour out our joys and frustrations to people who understands exactly what you are going through. But after awhile, I asked the staff to clear the table, because it's my turn to show MY present!

My Chocolate cup cakes! I made them that afternoon just for this and everybody was all "Oooo... Ahhh....". Hahaha... Of course, it's for birthday, so I even managed to dig out a candle for my cupcake tower.

I decided on cupcakes as I thought it would be easier to eat by hand, but the staff surprised us by giving us plates and spoons for eating the cupcake! Talk about good service! Thankfully, everybody loved the cupcake, except for Karine, who don't take any dairy or cow-related products. Anyway, I'm always happy to see people enjoy stuff I bake. :)

We sat in the restaurant until they were ready to close for the day! After that, Karine had to go, but the rest of us wasn't ready to go home, so we all headed to Jinah's home, which was just nearby.

It was crazy, we actually hung out at the park near Jinah's place and chatted until 2.30AM! For Brenda and I, both of us being home-makers, I think it has been years since we were out this late. For me, it was before I had Jolie! I felt so great and liberated, like a teenager again. I don't feel the least bit tired at all, I wonder what kept me awake? Or being a mom had trained me to make do with minimum sleep?

Anyway, it was about 3am plus by the time we got home as it took forever to get a cab. I felt so good! I think all mothers should find time to hang out together, as only we understand what we go through.

Well, that's that. A very happy birthday to Poh Ling, hope we didn't bore her too much bitching and rambling on and on about our children and husband. Also congratulations to Jinah, expecting her little bundle of joy. :) Thanks for organising this much needed group therapy! Haha...

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